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   What Is A Catalytic Converter ?

      A catalytic converter is a device used to reduce the toxicity of emissions from an internal combustion engine, such as the ones found in most automobiles. First widely introduced on series-production automobiles in the U.S. market for the 1975 model year to comply with tightening EPA regulations on auto exhaust, catalytic converters are still most commonly used in motor vehicle exhaust ...

   You have a picture of the Catalytic Converter For My Car?

      Yes. We have over 1,500 pictures of catalytic converters that fit more than 60,000 different variations of automobiles on the roads in the United States  (i.e. 99.9% of the cars on the road) To see what converter fits your car, you can scroll up and do a simple Search for the Year, Make, Model, and Engine (Liters or Cylinders) of your car. To see an examples of some different types of Catalytic Converters, click read more...

   Do I need a Catalytic Converter?

      Every car made after 1975 must have a Catalytic Converter that meets the emissions standards of the state that the car is registered in. 49 States in the U.S. agree on a fixed level of emissions, California has higher standards for emissions and thus has a different set of converters that meet the regulations of the state. (see more about California)

   Why are California Catalytic Converters different?

      Due to the progressive emissions standards of the State of California, all automobiles registered in California must use an approved California catalytic converter. A car needs a California Catalytic Converter for one of two reasons: 1) the car is registered in California 2) the car has a California Emissions Exhaust system.

   What Does A Catalytic Converter Look Like ?

      Catalytic Converters come in many different shapes and size. We sell Direct Fit Catalytic Converters (which means they are bent and welded to fit the car directly, without having to cut or weld them yourself). We have over 1,500 Direct Fit Catalytic Converters and pictures of almost all of them available in the Search above. You must get the correct Direct Fit Catalytic Converter for your car if you wish to avoid cutting and welding and to pass an emissions inspection.

   How much does a Catalytic Converter cost?

      Catalytic Converters vary on price primarily depending on the size, shape, difficulity in manufacturing, and the amount of precious metals needed. The average Final Sale Price of a Direct Fit Catalytic Converter from Drop Ship Parts is approximately $219. The average List Price of a Catalytic Converter purchased at a store is approximately $539.

   Why are Drop Ship Parts Catalytic Converters so cheap?

      Drop Ship Parts sells only new catalytic converters from the largest catalytic converter manufacturers in the United States. The reason parts are so cheap is because the Drop Ship Parts team comprises of specialists in the technology, logistics, and automotive industries. Basically our innovative network allows the consumer to purchase directly from the manufacturer.

   What is a Universal Catalytic Converter (i.e. What is a UN)?

      A Universal Catalytic Converter (known commonly as a "UN" or a "UN Converter") is the part of the converter that cleans the air (the "can") and only two small pipes on each end. A Universal Catalytic Converter is available for every automobile; however, these require complete assembly including welding, bending pipes, and possibly other manufacturing techniques.

   What is ODB II (a.k.a. ODB 2)?

      O.D.B II is an anagram for On-Board Diagnostics. The "II" stands for "two" and represents the second version of the On-Board Diagnostics regulation.

   What is a High Performance Catalytic Converter?

      High Performance Catalytic Converters are built to the same specifications as the Standard Catalytic Converter, but contain upgraded materials.